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Life is full of so many beautiful moments.  Moments that take your breath away and make you wish you could just freeze time and stay in that moment forever.  But often times life's most beautiful moments are also some of the fastest. 

Never has this truth been more real to me than when our own little family started growing.  The moment that tiny positive sign appeared, life suddenly hit fast-forward.  So many moments and memories were flying by, faster than my mind could process.

In the following months, a passion was awakened to capture those little moments for my own family.  Starter camera in hand, I took photos of every little detail.  I loved capturing my own little family, but never felt the courage to step out of my comfort zone.
As I grew as a mom, I saw I wasn't alone.  All around me, young women and moms were desperate for a way to freeze time.  Why not finally take that leap of faith and turn my hobby into a way to serve others?



Hopeless romantic, lover of Jesus, Family, mountains, and sunsets

My Favorite Things


01 |   FAMILY

My husband and two children are the most important and valuable assets in my life!  They are the reason I wake up with a smile each morning and my motivation in all I do.  As your photographer, I can promise you will hear multiple stories about my children at some point during our time together!


02 |   SNOW

The level of excitement I feel when I see the first snow of the year may seem a little overboard!  I've been known (on a few occasions) to completely throw out bedtime or wake up the entire house when the snow starts falling!



I love absolutely everything about Christmas...The lights, music, sounds, smells, every last bit!  My Christmas planning usually kicks off in October and my tree is usually up before mid-November!


I always used to think the beach was my favorite place, but the older I get the more I appreciate the well-rounded seasons, sights, and colors that come with living near the mountains.  There's something was settling and refreshing about just sitting and watching the sunset in the quiet of nature.


Our clients are hopeless romantics that love deeply, enjoy a good belly laugh, and  are up for an adventure

Does this sound like you?   Inquire today!


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