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All the Little Details

Weddings days are full of BIG moments. It's a BIG day packed full with big memories and important moments. You know you want to capture those special moments through portraits of the bride and groom. the wedding dress and the bridal party.

But what speaks the loudest about each couple's personal love story are the little details. The meaning behind the ring. The personality of the bride revealed through her shoes. The humor of the groom through his crazy socks!

You've spent days and weeks planning each and every tiny detail. So how can you make sure these "little details" are remembered for years to come? Have them already set aside for your photographer!

On your wedding day, the day almost seems to move at a blur! Everyone is rushing, excitement is bubbling and minds are racing. It's so easy to forget those little items while you're focused on everything else about the day that needs to happen smoothly. That's why I highly recommend having a bag or box filled with your detailed items ready to go as soon as your photographer arrives.

Suggested items for your details box:

Wedding: Invitation, Save the date,

Bride: Rings and ring boxes, jewelry, perfume, shoes, garter, bouquet, wooden hanger for dress, veil

Groom: Cuff links, tie, suspenders, watch, boutonniere, ring and ring box

I hope this list helps you plan for all the little moments of your big day!

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