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Back to School

A break from my typical wedding posts to post back to school!!!

Like every year, it seems that Back to School season came quicker than I was expecting. However, this year seems even faster! Maybe it's because I still don't understand how my own little baby is already school age. Maybe it's because I've spent the entire summer trying to cram in every single fun activity before school starts. Maybe it's even because I've been counting down the days and weeks for the past two months like a little timer on a bomb just waiting to go off.

Whatever the reason, the time is here! As parents, we pour ourselves into our "babies" every single day, no matter how old or big they are. We pray they will grow and succeed, develop into good men and women, and be prepared for the life God has planned for them. We spend their entire lives teaching and training them to be independent and "leave the nest", so why do we feel so unprepared when the day comes?

While I am personally still years away from an "empty nest", I still find myself reeling in how my little boy will be making his own way at school in just a week. A world away from momma and my protective arms at a moment's notice. And it's honestly a little more than my heart and mind can handle!

But I know that God loves that little boy even more than I do. He has created him for a purpose and I'm trusting that God will teach and grow him one day into the young man He wants him to be.

To all you mommas out there taking your kids, big or small, to school soon, I feel you! Keep your head held high. Pray, pray, pray for their young hearts and minds like their life depends on it. Encourage them to be the best they can be

And when the morning comes and you finally drop them off for their first day, go pick up a coffee and sit in the car and cry a little too....I know I will!

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