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Be Mine, Valentine!

I cannot believe it is THAT time of year again! A time to celebrate those we love and reflect on all the sweetness that we enjoy day to day.

I have surely been blessed with a crowd of people to love on this special day, but these two (and their unpictured daddy!) sure do take the cake. Without these, there would be no purpose and no joy. Every day these two babies teach me the meaning of true, unexplainable love. The kind of love that overcomes all else-the good, the bad, and every moment in between!

As much I love being momma to these babies, what pierces my heart the most is their complete and total trust and love for me. Even when I fail and am undeserving, these two look at me as if I am a superhero! They forgive without looking back, love without regard to mistakes, and love with the absolute purest of loves. I am so thankful to be their momma! Happy Valentines' Day!

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