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Choosing Bridal Details

Once a couple is engaged, one of the first things on the bride's mind is finding her dress...and not just a dress, but the dress!

Mermaid, A-line, ball gown, empire, trumpet, silhouette...the options are endless! How can you be sure you have found THE one?

  1. Have an idea in mind of what you think you will like when you go to the dress store. Look through Pinterest, Instagram and magazines to find what style you love most and take those with you as inspiration to show the employees.

  2. Plan your shopping experience based on highest customer reviews and excellent customer service! A friendly, accommodating staff and a full stock of dresses is of more value than a well-decorated and brand name store.

  3. Try on what you pictured in your mind first and take photos from all angles. After trying on a few in this variety, try on at least one dress that is completely different from what you originally picked! This will either strongly confirm your original choice or open a brand new door of possibilities to explore.

  4. Don't forget the details! Once you think you have found the one, try on accessories for the full effect: veil, shoes, jewelry, etc. Consider taking your bouquet with you to see the final picture.

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