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Details, Details, Details (+ a freebie)

You've spent months planning your wedding day. From the tiniest details that only you will see to the grand exit to close the night. Chances are, you've spent hours obsessing over each portion of your big day. And in the adrenaline and rush and excitement, sometimes it can feel like all of that planning and hard work is over within a matter of minutes.

When you look back on your day, you'll always remember the tears streaming down your daddy's face as he saw you in your gown, the butterflies in your stomach the second those double doors opened, and the excitement of the kiss at the altar to celebrate your new journey as a spouse. Those big moments have a way of changing us, shaping us, and permanently becoming engraved in our souls.

But we all know that those "big moments" never happen without the small ones coming together. That's why it's so important to capture each of those individual details that together paint the beautiful picture of your wedding day.

To celebrate all of those little details you never want to forget, it's important to plan time on your wedding day for your photographer to capture all of those items. It can sometimes seem overwhelming trying to remember each thing you may need and treasure on your wedding day. So...

Let me help! Now available on my website, I've created the ultimate "Details Checklist" for you to download for FREE! This checklist includes all things you need to pack and have photographed not only for you, but for your groom as well! (No more forgotten rings and socks, am I right?!)

Head over to my website to grab your free Details Checklist today!

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