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Do I Need "Getting Ready" Photos?

If there's one question I hear consistently from brides trying to create a beautiful wedding on a budget, it's "Do I really need the getting ready and pre-ceremony photos? What if I just have the ceremony and reception? Won't that be enough?"

If you've found yourself asking the same question, keep reading to find what "getting ready photos" can mean for your big day.

  1. Capture last moments with your friends and family. I do believe that tears have been shed in every single "getting ready" room I've been to! Emotions are high and excitement is bubbling. Friends are hugging and mommas are helping their little girl get prepared for the biggest event of a lifetime.

  2. Relax before the rush of the day. Once the wedding ceremony begins, there's not near as much time for conversation or sentimental moments as you prepare for your vows and the parts of your reception. You may want to consider slowing down, enjoying the moment, and having some fun before the rush begins.

  3. Candid photos. If you are a fan of more candid, emotional, and raw photos, these are more likely to happen before the wedding. Your photographer will capture more as event happen naturally during this time, while your portraits and family photos will be more formal and pre-arranged.

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