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Farmer's Life For Me

This past week a strange thing happened... we had a SLOW week...well by the calendar anyway. Rare, calm, and oh so sweet! We were able to accomplish so much around the house as we begin to build a wood shop, prepare our garden and set up a new play area for the kids. Life lately has been in double time, so it was such a sweet time as we enjoyed all that spring is offering us here in SC.

A slow week meant no scheduled photoshoots, so I was able to take some time and get back to the real reason I started photography to begin with- to capture my own growing (too fast) babies. After tilling the garden and hauling the wood, we were able to sit around a fire, shoot bb guns, and just relax and rest as a family. As I watched my five year old tromp through the yard following his daddy while dressed in his mud-stained overalls, I couldn't help but think about how my little baby has grown into quite a young man. We're still enjoying the "little years", but it's moments like these that remind me just how quick time really does fly.

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