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February Wrap-Up

Can you believe we are already finishing February!? I'm not sure exactly where the time is going, but it literally feels like we just celebrated Christmas! Anyone else?

This month has been FULL of fun and celebrations all around!

For starters, we celebrated Houston's 7th birthday! I still remember the day I found out we were having a little boy and crying because I was TERRIFIED that I wouldn't know how to handle a boy! Well, seven years later, I'm still not sure that I have it all figured out, but we sure are having a fun time trying!

Several years ago (probably before Houston could really even remember) I started the tradition of decorating the kitchen in streamers, signs and balloons on the night before a birthday. I had no idea at the time the impact it would make, but as I tucked my six year old into bed before his big day, he made sure to whisper, "Mom...Don't forget to decorate for my birthday tonight!"

We were also so blessed to have Dalton's grandparents come to town to celebrate Houston's birthday with us! He had the best time breaking his piñata with a handmade sword from his Pa and having lunch. I will admit though he was less than happy (aka...hiding under the table in tears) when the restaurant staff sang him Happy Birthday! This has happened consistently EVERY year!

Just a few days after our birthday celebration, we went into full Valentine's Day mode! This year we had TWO Valentine home-school parties to attend, and the kids absolutely loaded up on candy and treats! They had a blast decorating their own bags and Addi even signed her own name to a few of her cards (though she quickly lost interest!)

With all the fun and excitement of the month, we really closed February out with a bang and got... A PUPPY! Now, I've never pictured myself as a pet-person really, but this little guy really caught us off guard and stole everyone's heart. We had been looking at puppies for a while, but we had to be very specific in our search since Houston has a pretty severe dog allergy. We also knew that we needed a puppy that could live inside! When our friend Maggie posted a photo of her merle mini-poodle, we reached out on a whim, half-expecting it to fall through like every other inquiry we had made. Within just a few hours though, the kids and I were loaded into the car driving to "just meet" this dog to see what we thought. It didn't take long for us to realize that this puppy belonged with us! Addi and Houston were both over the moon (and I must admit, so was I)! Teddy is now happy in his new home and we are loving having this little member to share life and memories with!

Happy February, my friends! Here's to looking forward to more adventures next month!

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