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First Touch

As much as I love and recommend a first look, I know that it isn't for every couple...and that is perfectly great!! Each couple is unique and each wedding should express the individuality and special qualities of the bride and groom. There is no "cookie cutter" right or wrong way to do YOUR wedding!

When Meleigh and Tarun opted out of a first look, but requested to speak before the ceremony, I was all in! No matter how many times I've seen this experience firsthand, the result is always breath-taking and overwhelmingly beautiful. The joy in the bride's face, the surge of emotion as reality sinks in that we are just moments from the aisle, the whispered "I love you" and the private prayers before they join lives... it has to be one of my favorite moments leading up to the I Do's.

Maybe you aren't sold on the first look experience. And that is OK! If you're on the fence, let's talk options!

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