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Ford + Randolph Engagement

Ok friends, I've been waiting for this one for a while! Special friends of ours, I knew that Gail and Brian would be engaged soon, and as the holidays rolled around, I kept checking Facebook and my text messages just waiting to see an announcement from this sweet couple. Not long ago, my phone showed me a message preview on my screen "Text message from Gail: 1 attachment" and I knew it had to be a ring!!

This couple is extra special to our family for several reasons! We first met Gail at what would become our home church in 2018. When we moved to SC in 2019, Gail became our son's Sunday School teacher (one of the absolute best!) and we got a behind the scenes look at just how genuine and hard-working this family truly is.

Gail and Brian met in 2020, and it was beyond obvious that these two were made for each other! The smiles on their faces let us know what we already saw coming: these two were madly in love and it was only a matter of time!

For this special couple's engagement session, we headed to Table Rock State Park. The sun shining down was absolutely beautiful...but let me tell you what you aren't seeing in some of these photos. This engagement session was hands-down the coldest and windiest session I've ever done! In fact, not long before our session, we had snow flurries in our area. After about 15 minutes in, we just left the jackets because we were already numb. This session also consisted of changing locations and position multiple times as the clouds were constantly changing.

Despite our weather predicament, Gail and Brian were troopers and we were able to capture a ton of beautiful images. Congratulations on your engagement!

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