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When my Elsa-loving toddler excitedly watched the snow falling late on a Friday night, my momma mind started churning with the magical, beautiful photos we could take in the snow the next day decked out in Elsa attire.

Just one problem. Turns out Elsa hates the snow!

As a mom, the temptation was to become frustrated. Just take a picture, kid! But isn't that exactly how toddler's work? They are their own little people and full of their own little personalities. They can be trained and taught, but they will never fit the mold of exactly how we picture or imagine. Just as God intended, each soul is created beautifully and uniquely.

Instead of letting my frustration take hold, I simply had to choose to laugh, take the grumpy Elsa pictures anyway, and lock the memory deep down of my little, spunky "threenager" to keep as she grows older.

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