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Get to Know Your Photographer

After almost a year and a half of blogging, I think we have passed due time for an intro for all the new visitors and brides!

So who exactly is Kasey Cranford, and why does that matter to you as a bride or potential client?

Think a moment about professional photos you have had done in the past. How comfortable did you feel in front of the camera? How well did your photographer communicate their expectations during the shoot as well as what you can expect from them?

Whether you are searching for a family photographer to capture the most precious people in your life or a wedding photographer to capture your most special day, you want someone that "gets" you. Someone you can be comfortable in front of and have a great time with to make the picture process easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

When we really get down to the details, the fact that I love peppermint mocha coffee or have no pets, doesn't actually matter. What really matters is who I am at my core and how I can best serve you as my client.

Investment in education

Last year, I decided to make the investment to take my photography to a new level. I enrolled in a photography lighting course and take time each week to watch other professionals shoot and edit to refine my work and style. My goal is to never stop learning! There will always be a new and improved technique or skill, and I am committed to becoming the best I can be.


Before branching out on my own, I worked with another local photographer that trained and assisted me in learning photography, specifically wedding photography. Under her assistance, I began to second shoot wedding and learn more about posing, lighting, and editing. In addition to being a wedding photographer, I continue to second shoot weddings, averaging twelve weddings per year.


Bring me all the questions! My personality is very detailed and organized! This is a benefit to my clients because I personally assist in creating a Wedding Day Timeline and Family Formal list for each of my wedding clients. I can also assist in planning of the day to be certain the most important parts of your day become a priority.


While some may say "perfectionism" can be a negative trait, this particular trait comes as a great benefit to my clients. My goal for the day is two-fold: to help bring your beautiful dreams to life and to deliver high-quality, stunning photos.

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