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Happy Birthday Addi

This week's post is a little more close to my heart because it is in celebration of my baby turning two!

It's hard for me to put into words how special this little girl is. I often think of her as my "miracle baby", the one God knew my heart needed, in the midst of a trying year of my life. January of 2018 started an unusual year for our family. Changes and uncertain shifts found us in a new phase of life where nothing seemed certain anymore. The following month, on February 12 we found out we were expecting our second baby, but 24 hours later, I began to miscarry that baby. Seemingly separated from our friends and family two states away, God used those few months to show us how much we really needed Him every single days.

A few weeks later, right before Mother's Day, we were surprised with another positive test. We weren't expecting to be blessed with another baby so soon after our loss. Though we prayed and tried our best to trust, the fear of losing another child was always in the back of our minds. I was also considered "high-risk" and was prescribed weekly shots to prevent pre-term labor since our oldest son was born 4 weeks early.

2018 was a wild ride for us, but nothing could compare to the conclusion of our year! At 3:00 on December 31, I showed absolutely no signs of even being close to labor and was told to come back to the doctor next week and we could discuss induction dates. I checked into the hospital three hours later dilated to an 8.5 and was rushed down the hall as I prayed for enough time for my epidural! By 10:36 that evening, my New Years Eve miracle was laid in my arms as my mind swarmed with thoughts of how GOOD this seemingly bad year turned out to be. My healthy momma's boy at home, my baby that was born into the arms of Jesus never to know any pain, and my newborn baby girl safe in my arms.

These two years with our Addi have been filled with so much love and laughter. Her spunky personality gets stronger by the day, and we can already tell that while she is going to keep up on our toes, she is also going to keep us laughing every single day! Happy birthday, my sweet girl!

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