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Happy Birthday Houston

Another photo shoot that hits close to the heart. 5 years ago, this little boy was laid in my arms after a quick and early entrance into the world. With bright orange hair and the squishy little cheeks, this six pound tiny baby stole my heart.

Every year at his birthday, I'm still hit hard by the passage of time. He's no longer a baby, a toddler, or even a preschooler! How did that happen?! The tiny baby that came home from the hospital in a premie sleeper is now so big I can only hold him up for a few minutes before my arms start to give. And how did we already reach the time when we are thinking about Kindergarten?!

This little boy has such a strong little personality. He's a social butterfly, but he also always needs to know who is going to be around, what's going to happen, and when we are leaving. He seemingly never sits still, but he wants nothing more than to sit or lay with someone he loves. He is sensitive towards others needs and feelings, and he is the absolute best big brother any little girl could ever ask for (in fact, HE is the only one that can get his sister up every single morning). His smile is sweet, his laugh is contagious, and his love is strong.

Happy birthday, Wild Man!

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