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Holden Beach Family 2021

For at least the past five years, our family has loved vacationing in Holden Beach, NC for so many reasons! The family-friendly atmosphere, the slower pace, the less crowded beaches... but the best part of our annual vacation has to be who we spend it with!

My husband's grandparents have owned property near Holden Beach for over 20 years. My husband grew up on that beach learning to swim, knowing the locals, and finding all the best little-known spots. Now that we have our own children, it has been so much fun to introduce them to a small part of Dalton's past and make new memories with them, as well as give them great memories with their great-grandparents. It's such a special time for us to all rest and enjoy quiet family time!

This year was an extra-special year as Dalton's grandparents celebrated their 50th anniversary! This couple is a true example of loyalty and faithfulness, and we are so blessed to pass that heritage on to our own children.

While we are at the beach each year, we also take our own family photos. I'm amazed every year at how much the kids have grown and changed! Their personalities are becoming SO big (especially Ms. Diva) and their love and care for each other is the sweetest thing to see.

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