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Huff + Harris Engagement

Several months ago, my sweet friend Michelle told me all about her sister's new relationship and how excited she was for them. Not long after, Michelle mentioned how quickly things were progressing and how perfect these two were for each other. So when I got a text in December showcasing an engagement, I was thrilled for these two and their families!

Megan and Mark set a date for May at the Abundant Blessings Barn in Pickens, SC--one of my favorites! (You can see more photos from this location on the blog!). This past weekend we set out to Spartanburg for their engagement session and it was absolutely a stunning day! The sun and weather were only pluses compared to how easy these two were to work with! Their love for each other shone through the entire afternoon!

I can't wait to celebrate with you two soon! Congratulations, Megan and Mark!

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