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Lauren Maternity

Another show-stopper session in the books last week right in time for Mother's Day at the Leake House! This couple has quite the sweet story to tell and I could not have been more excited to share a small part in this beautiful journey!

When I arrived at the Leake House for this maternity session, I knew by the smiles and joy on Lauren and Warren's faces that this was going to be a fun time. Lauren absolutely beamed as an expectant momma of her first baby, and I could tell Warren couldn't be more proud of his wife and soon-to-be bundle of joy. Their love for each other and this new little one was evident from the moment we started talking, and I knew these two were just the perfect fit!

As we talked and I learned more about their story, Lauren shared that this little girl will be their IVF miracle! These two have battled some heavy storms and fought hard for this precious life they are about to bring in to the world-and I'm sure that those same storms and struggles is what has shaped and formed them into the beautiful couple and soon-to-be parents that they are.

Congratulations, Warren and Lauren! I can't wait to see and celebrate your baby girl soon!

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