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Luke-Class of '21

Going into this senior session, I knew this was going to be a blast and we would come up with some epic-if not slightly goofy-photos! Luke, a senior at our church, has such a fun personality, and I knew this was bound to show up in his photos.

For the first part of Luke's photo session, we went to Long Shoals Roadside Park in Pickens. They beautiful waterfalls and forest background were perfect for the vibe we wanted to achieve. The short hike to the car made this the perfect location for a quick change of wardrobe while still being able to capture that secluded look.

When Luke first mentioned that he was looking for senior photos, he specifically mentioned that he wanted to recreate the "Michael Scott in the park" photos. Finding a matching location proved to be a little difficult, but we were finally able to find a park with the swings and benches we were looking for! Luke was such an amazing sport for these photos! I think this may have been the most laughter we've ever had at a senior session! Be sure to check out the original photos from the show for an amazing comparison.

Congratulations, Luke, on your graduation!

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