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March Family Recap

Our month of March can be some up in outdoor exploring, animals, messes, and springtime anticipation!

This month the kids have had the best time raising and taking care of our TEN new baby chicks! As of now, only one has a name because we don't know how to tell them all apart! The kids treat their little friends like their own babies and play with them every chance they get. I'm secretly curious how long it will be before the chicks turn on them!

We've also had a fun time training and loving our new puppy, Teddy (you can see him in last month's family update). He has adjusted and fit just perfectly into our family! The kids adore him and he is the most gentle dog we could ask for! He's also a great cuddle buddy in the evenings and loves lounging on the couch with lots belly rubs!

In the upcoming month, our family is even busier as we approach the Easter season and spring break! We're looking forward to days with our family, beach trips, photo shoots, and days soaking up the sun and spring weather.

As you can see from the kid's mini-session with the chicks, these kids are absolutely loving this mini-farm we're building! Be sure to check out Addi's reaction to their flying antics too!!

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