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Martin Newborn Session

When our family first started on our homeschooling journey, I knew that I would need to find “my tribe”. A group of families and moms that are like-minded and could answer all of my questions!

When my kids and I visited the park on a random, warm Thursday in February, I didn’t realize that I was about to stumble upon my ideal community right there at the playground.

That day, a rather large group of kids played like best friends while moms sat and chatted- my kids made fast friends and I’m sure I sat rather awkwardly at the picnic table, alone in a crowd.

But these mommas noticed me and welcomed me in to their conversations and their group. I later learned that this group was actually a new and quickly growing homeschool meet-up, and I was so excited to finally meet a group of women like myself!

Fast forward three months and countless park dates, these are now MY people. My tribe. And it has been simply amazing to share life along side with these ladies and watch their babies grow up right alongside my own.

And that’s how Sommer came into my life! With a teaching degree and two precious kiddos the same ages as my own, we had a lot in common off the bat. Our kids went on impromptu hiking adventures that had us all checking for ticks and bugs by the time we arrived back home!

So when Sommer asked me to take newborn and family photos a week after they welcomed their precious new baby girl, I was so thrilled! Not only did I get to spend the afternoon cuddling this sweetheart, but I also got to catch up with a dear friend and celebrate her on this new path of motherhood.

Enjoy the sweetest addition to this beautiful family!

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