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Meet Your Photographer

It's finally here! Welcome to the blog! I'm Kasey Cranford, and I am a natural light family & wedding photographer based in Pickens, SC.

My journey into photography has been quite a long route. I received my first DSLR camera in 2016 right before the birth of my first-born son, Houston. I was just another new momma overwhelmed at how fast my baby was growing by the second! I started shooting everything and tried to watch a few YouTube videos to help me figure out what I was even doing! I loved the idea of photography, but it seemed like a dream that was just too far out of reach. I kept taking pictures of my son, but was afraid to reach beyond that.

Sometime during the pregnancy of my second-born, Addilyn, I started to realize that this whole life thing isn't slowing down! In fact, it was speeding up by the second! I started talking to some mom friends and quickly realized that I was not alone! We were all feeling that same sense of urgency and desperation to freeze time with our babies. That conversation took me back to my camera bag and laptop. I wanted to find the solution. How could I learn capture those sweet moments, not just of my own children, but for other mommas that also wanted time to just stand still?

So I dug back in again. Still afraid, but determined to improve and hone in my photography skills. And this is where my amazing man really stepped up to the plate! Meet Dalton, my absolute biggest cheerleader and motivator. So many days I was ready to just sell my camera and quit trying. But this guy kept believing in me long after I stopped believing in myself. This year, he pushed and motivated me to enroll in a photography class and revamp my business. Without his support, I wouldn't be here today!

So what set's me apart from the rest? My passion isn't based just on photography. My ultimate passion and desire is to be a blessing and help other families capture moments that otherwise they would never have. To me, photography isn't just a way I can give you a gallery of photos. It's an avenue to help you slow down and see the beauty in the every day and every moment.

I thank you for taking the time to support my photography business. I look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your family!

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