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Mountain Living

It's so easy in the world we live in to get wrapped up in the to-do lists and rush of life that we forget to take notice of the beauty around us. We have so many emails and messages to answer, appointments to keep, and calls to make that we often keep our eyes glued on a screen or on other distractions that feel like necessary parts of our lives. Especially as mothers, we are torn in so many directions, caring for so many people, we hardly take the time to just stop and sit. I know I'm guilty! And I also know I am not alone!

But there's something about living in the mountains in the fall just refreshes and relaxes my mind. It makes me want to just turn off the devices, drive to a secluded mountain and just sit and take in the view. The cool breeze, the explosion of colors right outside your car window, the quietness of the mountains and streams... It calls us back to what truly matters. Forces us to slow down and realize that even in the midst of 2020 and chaos, if we just take the time to notice, life on this earth is still absolutely beautiful!

Living in the middle of the Upstate, there are so many of these gorgeous views just a short drive down the road. Two weeks ago, my mom came to visit and we decided to just unhook for a little while and drive to the mountains. We ended up at Caesars Head, Table Rock, and Bald Rock. All very short hikes with jaw-dropping views! Our souls left refreshed and in awe at the world that surrounds us.

May you also find a moment today to simply stop, sit, and soak in the wonder of the world around you in this beautiful season. And always remember, despite how ugly circumstances may seem, life is still so beautiful and good!

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