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Pam + Alan Wedding

Last fall I had the privilege to meet Pam and Alan, two of the sweetest people I've met! These two have such a rich history and story of love that I loved hearing more of throughout their day. Pam and Alan actually met and befriended in school but their lives took them on separate paths. They each had a child of their own (who stood as best man and maid of honor beside their parents) and stayed in contact throughout the years. When both of their paths crossed again just a few years ago, they each found themselves single again and ready to discover their love for each other.

One of the most beautiful aspects of this wedding was to see the love and laughter as these two saw their dreams finally become a reality. Both came together with beautiful and sometimes painful pasts, but their love brought their families together in such joy and happiness.

Wishing all the best to newlyweds, Pam and Alan!

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