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Planning the Perfect Engagement Session

Engagement photos are so special because it's typically one of the first ways you really get to celebrate and prepare for your big day! It also allows you a chance to get to know your photographer better and learn some tips and tricks for posing on your big day. Since engagement sessions are typically as busy as wedding days, this is a great way to "warm up" to the camera and have fun with your spouse-to-be! Below are some quick tips to make sure your engagement session goes off without a hitch!

  1. Empty your pockets of everything…literally, everything! You don't want to see outline of phones and keys in your photos. (This tip is especially important for the guys!)

  2. Arrive on time! Your session will typically be scheduled around the sunrise or sunset time for your area. The later you arrive, the less sun time there will be to shoot. So make sure you're prompt and ready upon arrival.

  3. Many couples may choose to wear two outfits for the session: a casual and a formal. This gives us lots of variety and options while showing your personalities and own personal touches.

  4. If you are wearing heels, or other uncomfortable shoes, be sure to bring a pair of walking shoes or sandals to change into while we walk around the location.

  5. Bring things like hairspray, lipstick, and a comb to freshen up throughout your shoot if the need should arise!

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