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Prothro Family

One of my favorite things about photography is connection. Not just being able to watch my clients' connections, but to connect with them personally as well! I always love meeting new people and growing friendships through my business. This sweet family was no exception!

While we were away on our anniversary trip in Florida, I knew I wanted an updated photo of us on the beach. After multiple failed attempts (no tripod + sweltering heat!), we went back to the room, changed clothes and I felt defeated. After a few minutes of sulking and a pep talk from my hubby, we decided to try one last time, but this time to ask a stranger for help (I mentioned I loved meeting new friends, but talking to strangers is wayyy out of my comfort zone). As we stepped onto the beach, we noticed a family taking a bunch of cell phone photos...this was the golden opportunity for me! I asked them if they could snap a few for us and in return I would send them some photos of their family as well.

In just a short amount of time, we were all finished, and I knew that we had just encountered some genuine, sweet people. We chatted for a while by the pool that night, and I left refreshed feeling we found "our kind" of people.

It's one of those moments that grounds me and reminds me of the true reason I ever first picked up a camera-- to help others and build friendships. Thank you, Prothro family, for both!

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