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Shepard + Griffith Wedding

This past Saturday, I had the special privilege to celebrate the marriage of Jordan Shepard and Josh Griffith! These two beautiful souls are such sweet, laid-back people and they make the absolute cutest pair!

Jordan and Josh held their wedding at Little River Vineyard in Mt Gilead. One of my absolute favorite parts of this venue is the long, fence-lined driveway leading straight to a picturesque white farmhouse. Such Southern charm and beauty!

One of my favorite memories from this day actually happened hours before the wedding even took place. Of all the beautiful people in attendance for this great day, one special person was missing, and the loss was unmistakable--Jordan's mom. Jordan's mom passed away a while back, and there were beautiful memories of her throughout the wedding day. But this one special unplanned event really made her presence felt and known! While Jordan was having her makeup finished, a cardinal flew straight into the glass door of the bridal room--three times! Jordan and her sister McKenzie instantly knew "That's momma!" It was such a sweet, even laughable, moment the girls were able to enjoy together before Jordan walked down the aisle.

WIth all the bustle of the day, one thing became evident as the night wore on--these two are madly in love! Congratulations to Jordan and Josh!

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