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Should I Have a First Look?

At my own wedding just over eight years ago, a bride and groom seeing each other before walking down the aisle was considered to be a huge stroke of bad luck. The idea of a "First Look" was new and not widely accepted here in Small Town USA where tradition dies hard!

So what changed? Why are so many brides now requesting a First Look before walking down the aisle?

I've talked with several newlyweds and upcoming brides to help bring you the top 5 reasons to consider having a First Look on your big day! I hope you can use these tips to help you decide if a First Look is the right choice for you!

Take a moment to breathe!

Wedding days are typically super fast-paced! Between getting the venue prepped, getting ready for the ceremony, reception details, family photos….. The list goes on and on! Having a first look allows you a moment to just stop and enjoy the day. This moment is all about you and the groom. No rushing or running or being pulled in every direction.

Quiet Time

At traditional weddings, the moment the groom sees the bride is the exact moment everyone else does as well. Once the bride reaches the end of the aisle, the ceremony immediately begins. However, with a First Look, the couple can see each other and interact without a huge gathering of on-lookers! Enjoy the quiet and intimate moment together before having to rush off to join the crowd.

More Photo Opportunities

After the ceremony, most couples feel the time crunch to get through all of the family portraits so they can head to the reception to celebrate with their guests. Not much time remains and it can often feel rushed and leave you disappointed if you didn't have time for those beautiful portraits you were hoping for.

With a first look, time is set aside just for the bride and groom! This allows for a slice of time just of the couple. As a result, you are guaranteed to have more of those frame-worthy photos from your big day.

Lighten nerves

Your nerves and stress level on the wedding day can reach an all-time high as the moment you've been planning for months is finally here!!! Who better to help calm those nerves than your soulmate and best friend? This day IS all about the two of you!


My most heard complaint about the First Look is that the bride is afraid she won't get "the reaction" and surprise. As a wedding photographer, I find this to be the complete opposite! The First Look is set up and organized so that the groom's first view of the bride is up-close and personal. As a photographer, my job is to stand at an angle that will beautifully capture your first reactions as well as give you privacy and quiet to enjoy the moment together without feeling rushed and pressured by a crowd of people.

I hope these tips help you consider and see all of the amazing benefits of the First Look! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to send me an email!

Happy Wedding Planning!

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