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Sleepy Newborn Sessions

Newborn sessions are such a favorite for me as a photographer! I just love capturing those tiny little features and spending my day cuddling and staring at sweet baby faces!

But I do know and remember the other side of the curtain! You're a new mom, you haven't slept in weeks and you're still trying to pretend like you have some kind of idea of what you are even doing! I've been there too! That's why this week's post is all about how to help you prepare for your newborn session and relax before your shoot.

Take your time

Unlike most family and portrait sessions, newborn sessions can take quite a long time! Plan to spend a minimum of two hours for your babies session as it often takes more breaks to feed, change and just snuggle up

Create a warm environment

The majority of newborn photos will have the baby undressed or wrapped in thin swaddle-style blankets. To create a warm, sleep-inducing room, have a space heater running in the room, turn the heat up a little, or have warm blankets to use between shots. Of course, safety is always top priority, so be sure your baby is never too hot during the session!

Be prepared

Have all sentimental items, bows, and outfits ready before your shoot. Make sure you try on all special clothing to ensure it fits as you envision…those newborns are so amazingly tiny! Neutral and light colors complement that fresh baby skin tone well!

Work on a full belly

There's no need to rush, so take your time and ensure your baby is full and ready for a long nap. Stop and take breaks as needed!

Relax and have fun!

Your baby has just spent over nine months with you 24/7 and is very in tune with your body! Bring along your favorite treats and drinks to enjoy while your photographer is working with the baby. Smiles, kisses and cuddles go a long way in helping your baby relax and feel at ease!

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