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The Best Upstate SC Locations

One of the first questions I get when I book a shoot is "Where should we take our photos?" Upstate SC is full of beautiful locations! We literally have it all, from the big-city feel in Greenville to the middle-of-nowhere pull-offs showcasing most gorgeous waterfalls. If you're local to Greenville and Pickens county, check out this list for my favorite locations in the Upstate!

Furman University

Pros: Furman University has a wide range of beautiful locations so you are sure to never run out of gorgeous backgrounds and possible shoots! There is a clock tower, rose garden, elegant buildings and chapels, a well-managed pond and garden area, bridges and covered walk-ways.... All you can think of! Since there are so many great locations at Furman, you are sure to find a great spot no matter what time of year you visit.

Cons: During the COVID shutdown, the campus wasn't accessible. During the regular school year, watch out for people in your background! Some locations can be high-traffic areas, so keep this in mind!

Clemson Botanical Gardens

Pros: The gardens cover almost 100 acres! You'll find every variety of plant you can imagine. Since there is so much variety, the gardens are great no matter the time of day! Some locations (such as the Desert Garden) are great for sunset and low-light days. However, the forest area works excellent for shade on those bright, sunny days.

Cons: Because the gardens are so large, you'll need to plan your time wisely to ensure you are at the best location at the best time! Plan on visiting a few weeks before your session to find which areas you love most.

Hagood Mill

Pros: Hagood Mill is an excellent summer and fall choice with so many leaves and trees surrounding the area. The old buildings on the property also give it a beautiful, rustic feel. The creek and working water mill are also a nice touch in the background.

Cons: Check the calendar before your session! Multiple events are scheduled, especially on Saturdays, so you will need to make sure there isn't another event taking place. Hagood also charges an additional small fee for using their location.


Pros: Greenville and the surrounding cities have great historical building and architecture. City shots are fun and bold and have a young vibe. With such a wide variety of buildings and parts of town, you are sure to find a location that best fits your families style and personality.

Cons: Downtown streets can be quite crowded, especially on the weekends. Try to find more empty streets or plan your shoot on a weekday for less traffic.

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