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Wedding Timelines

One of the most common reactions I receive from friends and family after I return from shooting a wedding is the disbelief at how long wedding days actually take! As a guest, you arrive a few minutes early for the ceremony and stay a few hours for some cake and dancing before wishing the newlyweds well and heading back home. But what else really goes on behind the scenes of the Big Day?

Hours before the ceremony can begin? The bride and bridesmaids begin their preparations. For most brides with a ceremony time of 4:00, this process often begins by 10-11:00 in the morning and lasts until around noon. As a photographer, my goal is capture moments while you get ready, as well as capture detailed photos of your decorations and elements of your day (rings, special momentos, dress, etc.)

Groom and groomsmen arrive next and get dressed while the photographer takes detail photos of the groom (tie, cufflinks, shoes, etc.). For most bridal parties, this portion of the day goes rather fast!

Next, (and I really can't stress this enough!) most couples choose to do their first looks. In fact, it is becoming more and more popular to have multiple first looks...with the bridesmaids, bride's dad, and finally the groom. We typically allot an hour for the first look with the bride and groom to ensure plenty of time together as well as getting the majority of portraits complete.

Bridal Party and Family Formals...a necessary part of the day! Once first looks are complete, we can capture as many bridal party photos and family photos as possible before the ceremony time to ensure you have plenty of time to party away after the ceremony!

After the ceremony, we will finish up anything we didn't have time for before the ceremony began (extra portraits, family, bridal, etc.). Then it's off to the reception! This portion of the day is much more laid-back as we will read the crowd and progress naturally through the evening as guests party and eat. This portion of the day includes cake, bouquet toss, garter toss, toasts, first dances, party dances, and whatever else you have scheduled for the evening.

Does it seem like a lot to fit into one day? It is! Which is why it is soo important to write out an official timeline for everyone involved in your big day. Having a timeline insures everyone is in their place at the right time and that you get all the photos you are wishing for. Creating a full, detailed timeline may seem like a daunting task, so that's why I personally sit down with every single couple and work on your timeline with you! I will use my experience in the wedding industry to help you create a seamless timeline that fits your needs and goals for the day.

Still needing to plan your big day? Questions about how many hours of coverage you will need? Message me for more information and assistance in bringing your dreams to life!

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