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What to Wear to Family Photos

We all know that family photos can feel stressful! Making sure everyone is ready, in a good mood, hair is in place and the kids don't ruin their outfits before the session actually begins. Then there's always the one in the bunch that hates taking photos to begin with! With so many things to stress about, don't let your outfit choices be one of them! Use these simple tips to help you pull off those beautiful pictures you'll treasure for a lifetime.

1. Dress Mom first!

Wear a nice dress or skirt that is figure-flattering. Something with a fitted waist will automatically make you look slimmer! Also remember that thicker fabrics may not be as flattering from different angles. Stick to more dressy fabrics and clothing for a better fit. Avoid jean and other heavy materials that don't flow and flatter your body.

2. Choose your color scheme.

Remember, keep it simple and classy! Choose 2-3 colors that coordinate with your outfit, then use a variation of those colors (darker and lighter shades). A clean and light color palette will help everyone appear refreshed and bright. Try to avoid neon and other bold colors close to the face.

3. Style the family

Again, simplicity is your friend! If you use patterns, keep them simple and use sparingly. If you have children to dress, try to avoid uncomfortable fabrics and designs to keep them happy throughout the shoot.

For some color palette and style ideas, check out my Wardrobe Ideas board on Pinterest! As always, feel free to message me with any questions!

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