Hailey & Jacob Engagement

If there were ever a couple I felt like were truly my kind of people, it would be these guys! It truly felt like I was catching up with old friends instead of meeting these two for the first time!

Hailey and Jacob are the truest, most authentic couple. Their laid-back personalities and genuine love for each other created such a beautiful story for their engagement photos, and I must say some of my favorite photos of last year! Jacob and Hailey are set to marry this August in North Carolina. They described themselves during their engagement session as a "boring couple" (watching movies, staying in, nothing too wild or crazy) and their comment really got me thinking... I believe that the best marriages are truly built on the "boring". The coming home from work exhausted, the lazy Saturdays, and the moments that may feel like nothing special. Those tiny little moments are truly the backbone of any great marriage.

Let's face it. Not every day in a marriage is going to be exciting, adventurous, or hey even good! In fact, the majority of my 11+ married years have honestly been mundane at best! But having a best friend to go through the day to day is such a priceless, amazing gift!

So here's to you, Hailey and Jacob! Can't wait to celebrate your beautiful love story in just a few months!!