Kress Family

I've been so excited about this blog for several weeks - specifically because it features one of my very best friends!

Christy and I met years ago when I was just a kid, but we didn't really get to really know each other until right about nine years ago. In the summer of 2015, Christy and I both found ourselves pregnant and due within weeks of each other! She was due with her baby girl just two weeks before my March 7 due date with Houston. Throughout our pregnancies, we bonded over our growing bellies and dreamed about these precious little babies. I'll never forget Christy's reaction when I delivered Houston 4 weeks early . . . "Hey, I though I was supposed to go first!" Just nine days later, little Paisley joined the Kress family and enjoyed playdates and outings, as well as plenty of late night texts as our newborns (and let's admit it, us too) cried into the early morning hours.

Eight years later, we still love and adore this family and treasure their friendship! They have helped us move (a few times now), host parties, decorate and laugh. We could not be more thankful for them in our lives!